December Cosmetics Review

Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder!

I got this Eyebrow Powder from Collection cosmetics and I was very excited to use it as means of adding volume and thickness to my brows. I was disappointed when I got it through the mail. For one, it looked cheap and the handling of the product was really bad. The powder did not even really come out from the tube. The gliding was really bad. When the powder did come out, it just sticked in one clump and made my eyebrows look harsh and gray. I would not recommend this product at all. The product designed for what it was made for did not work at all. There was no result, it was not effective. I would give this product 1 to 5 scale,  I give it a sad little 1.


essence light up your face luminizer palette!

The purpose of this product was to brighten up my face. The only part of this product I really liked was the intensive shimmer color because it really did brighten my eyes up. The overall product not sure if it really had the effect it was intended to do. I did not see the other colors do anything to my face. I applied the three colors individually at first, which had little to no result. When I did the colors in combination it might have had a slight difference to how the pictures came out or how the light reflected on my face. However, when I applied  in combination on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose or below the lips, these three highlighter powders with light-reflecting pigments did not really accentuate the features the way I wanted it to do or really do so. I did not really overall difference, I did see a little difference in my eyes only when I stroked 4 times with the brush. It comes with a light pearl, intensive shimmer or golden glow finish. The only color I thought worked was intensive shimmer that I used above my eyes. Scale 1 to 5, I would give it 2 because of the intensive shimmer, but I would not purchase the entire product to use that shade. I will just buy a color similar to it in a store. I would say the colors are not very pigmented at all. Even to see the intensive shimmer on my skin, I had to use my brush over my eyes 4 times before the color actually started to show up, maybe it might be because I have a very fair skin tone.


Lipcote In ‘ Lipstick Sealer ‘

I know there is a cult follower for this,  also it won Original Award Winning Lipstick Sealer. I was really excited over testing this product and seeing how it does in terms of making my lipstick last long. The minute I opened it up, I just knew it would not work. The smell was really bad. I could not get past the smell of the product, maybe my senses are just sensitive but I felt like I was putting on alcohol and chemicals. I was nervous to test it out throughout the day because I was worried of swallowing parts of the lipcote. It kept peeling off throughout the day. I wore it again next day, I put on a much lighter coating. It just dried out my lips to be honest and it was just too flaky. I did not see it prevent my lipstick from fading, it might be due to parts of the lipcote to flake bits off after a minute of applying.  Found this product to dry my lips out more then keep my lipstick on, has a funny smell too. It did help stain my lipstick onto my lips, but I did not like how it made them look cracked. I had to apply Nuxe lip balm after to bring life back to my lips.

There was no result, it was not effective. I would give this product 1 to 5 scale,  I give it a sad little 1. I know there is a cult following for this, but I need to give my honest opinion.


Revlon Nail Enamel!

This is hands down my favorite favorite nail polish I have ever used. I am so critical and picky when it comes to nail polishes and this was by far beyond what I expected. It really does do everything it promises. Revlon’s exclusive silk-protein shield is now on going to be the go to nail product. In my opinion, I see a really big difference in my nails. I genuinely feel it has made them stronger from having it wear off from day to day activities. I did see it instantly help even out the surface of the nail. Like other nail polishes it does not leave bubbles, streaks and brush marks. It costs £6.49, which I think is a good value, considering I wear nail polish often. Scale from 1 to 3, I would give it a 4 because it did fade a bit on day 5.




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