Top worst and Best Toothpaste



  1. Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste


Whenever I travel, I tend to go for Colgate because it’s a brand I am used to and also its cheap. However, when I do end up using it, I regret it right away because it hurts my gums and also does not make my teeth feel clean. When I read into the toothpaste I learned the dangers of Tricolsan.


  • alters hormone regulation in animals,
  • might contribute to the development of antibiotic-resistant germs
  • can harm the immune system.


  1. Sensodyne Repair and Protect whitening Toothpaste

I bought this toothpaste originally because I wanted something that would help with my teeth and protect it. After While I was studying abroad in the UK for six months, I noticed my teeth got more sensitive and my gums became inflamed. While I was in the UK, I started drinking tap water and eating out more. Also, I ate a lot of sweets more then I was used to. I only used to drink bottled water or from my family water cooler that was filtered. However, when I was abroad it was easier for me to just drink tap water and I noticed the hard water was damaging my enamel. My teeth started to get more sensitive. Due to this, I bought sensodyne, since using it. I noticed that the toothpaste was damaging my teeth and actually noticed decrease in my enamel.


  1. 3D White Crest

I bought this toothpaste to whiten my teeth before I went to do my study abroad because I always felt best first impression was made by a smile. I thought one it was cheap and second this toothpaste was easy to come by. You could find this in almost every shop. Walmart, Target, and Fry’s. I went to my local Target and bam bought it. I only brushed my teeth with crest for 2 weeks before leaving to the UK. I did this two times a week. I was disappointed, it really did nothing to my teeth. It just made my teeth more sensitive and also my gums swollen up.


  1. Pearl Drops

I bought this toothpaste when I arrived to the UK, long story short. I moved to the UK for 6 months to do study abroad, moved back to the states to finish my degree, and a year and half later after graduating moved back to the UK to finish my second degree. This time moving to the UK, I bought this toothpaste called pearl drops because it was nothing I heard of and easy to buy since I was in boots. So I picked it up, I used it for 1 week and I just couldn’t do it anymore. My gums became inflamed and sensitive. My teeth did not look better or worse, just same.



Desert Essence Wintergreen Tea Tree Toothpaste 185 ml

During my last year as an undergraduate, my mission was to find that perfect toothpaste. It became my priority. I went through so many different toothpastes and as always disappointing as the other. When I came upon this brand, I bought it thinking how can this be any worse.

I was shocked to learn to my surprise that not only did it make my teeth feel so fresh and clean, it also is protecting it from decay. My enamel seems much stronger. When I went to the dentist, she noticed how white and healthy my teeth and gums were looking. Tea tree clears plaque and neem brightens the teeth. The toothpaste is quite expensive ranges from $4 to £7.70,

but it’s a large tube and it lasts for ages. It is quite hard to come by, in the states I bought it either in Sprouts grocery store or sometimes online from LuckyVitamin. Now that I am in the UK, I have to buy it online from LuckyVitamin because I have not seen it anywhere else.





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