Rose Petal Products


One of the favorite benefits I get from using products with ingredient rose is that it calms my skin down. I noticed a huge difference when it comes to the way my skin, there is much more even tone and natural glow.

History: There is long history of the benefits rose extracts have on dry, sensitive or aging skin concerns. It provides a calming and astringent effect which helps diminish redness and skin irritation.

One of my favorite brands that I trust is Nuxe, when I first came upon this brand was when I was looking for lip balm. Nothing would work when it came to the winter weather and my dry chapped lips until I used one of the first Nuxe products, which was their famous lip balm that is very known by beauty lovers everywhere and there is cult following for it. Everything aside, Nuxe just works. Winter was about to approach, this time I knew where to look when it comes to saving my skin. Around October, I bought my first Nuxe package in England. It arrived to my house, I was so so excited. Again, Nuxe did not disappoint. I bought the comforting cleansing milk with rose petals for both face and eyes,  and lotion tonique with rose petals for face and eyes. When I finish cleansing my face and using the toning lotion, I will use the Rosy Cheeks mask from Lush.

Comforting Cleansing Milk with rose petals

This Rose Petal Cleansing Milk for face, eyes and lips cleanses and removes make-up, protecting skin from becoming dry

This face cleanser will last you for a long time, I still have not ran out of it. Little really does go a long way. I use two pea sizes onto my face and gently massage into my skin. It melts the eye makeup away without irritating my eyes. When you rub onto your face especially your eyes, you can create premature signs of aging on your face. I like to gently go over my eyes because it is really sensitive and I do not want to pull on the skin around there because it is that fragile. There is small blood vessels around there that are part of the reasons why as to why people get dark under circles.


Gentle Toning Lotion


This gentle toning lotion with Rose Petals soothes, refreshes and puts the finishing touch to make-up removal. The lotion does not contain alcohol, and does not dry skin.

I remove the cleansing milk with the gentle toning lotion with oval cosmetic pads that I buy from Primark. I do not get the small cotton pads from the store, I think that the big oval ones easily go over my entire face one swipe. The small ones I have to use several times to take the lotion off. The pads are really nice because they are gentle on the face and they are 0.90 pence for 100% 100 pads.  when I run out of the pads, I just wash off the cleansing milk with my hands and water. I just wait until I go into the city centre to buy the pads to use the lotion because its watery and its a liquid more then a thick lotion substance.

You can buy both of the products I suggested if you are in the states, I think you can get in Target.If you can not find Nuxe products in Target, you can definitely find it in Nuxe online store. For those who are from the United Kindgom, you can find both of the Nuxe products from Marks and Spencer ( M&S), or from the Nuxe online store.

Rosy Cheeks

Fresh Face Mask


I have been using this mask for three days. Right away I noticed how much of my pores are diminished, it makes my skin feel soft, it really is very soothing on the skin. I notice the calming effect right away, sometimes my skin feels throughout the day hot or flushed and the mask helps to calm everything down. My skin has a natural pink undertone, but when I get too hot or just sometimes due to weather change it can make the undertone seem really red. The mask helps to maintain a balance within my skin regimen. I moisturize my skin after I wash off the mask. Therefore for this I am not sure if the mask is drying to my skin because I never go without moisturizing my skin. I feel the ingredient rose petals is the main reason as to why I love this mask because it just works due to it being made from roses. Not to mention the smell, when you open the lid the rosy fresh scent makes you feel energized and awake. The scent is subtle and not overwhelming at all. It feels and smells amazing. This is by far, hands down!!! MY FAVORITE MASK OF ALL TIME!!!

You can buy the products I mentioned in your local lush store or online store.


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