Cleansing Brush does not work for me

JANUARY 2017 Spa To You Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Brush

I had this brush sent to me as a review product for the January, to my disappointment it was a mess.  I never heard of the brand Spa, but I thought why not just try it out and see how it does as part of my skin care regimen. I am skeptical as to how skin care brushes actually work, in my opinion it is just a great way for making market for acne products. These brushes I mean collect bacteria like nobody’s business. I can see the product stained onto the brush and just looks so gross. I doubt this brush or any  face brushes like clarisonic face wash  will actually work. Trust me I used the clarisonic face brush and let me tell you, it will break your face out and even scar the sensitive face tissue. To me it is a way into having market selling products that will say “cure” aging and acne problems. I mean if you have company’s selling people especially targeting teenagers with skin problems due to hormones  to help with their acne, do you want them to use your product once and never have to go back because their problem is fixed. Or do you want to keep on making money by having them trusted in your brand and then placing people on more products that they have to come to you for. I mean skincare is probably one of the fastest growing business and biggest money making area. I mean if we are using skin care brushes that causes tugs on our skin from early age, we will just go back to them for anti-aging creams later on.

I am not an expert, but would it not damage the skin with a harsh brush tugging at the skin and damaging the collagen? I just do not see how these bristles are to clean your pores when they sit in your bathroom collecting poo residue and other dirt that the bathroom collects.

I tried this brush thinking hmmm maybe this one will be different, literally in three days I broke out like I never did before. My face started to look dull, my chest broke out in pimples, and my face looked uneven.  I just had to throw it away, it just grossed me out how it collected dirt from my face and I could see it on there and to think I used on my face hoping it did some kind of miracle work. I am sure it works wonders on people, for me not so much.  1 to 5, I would give it a sad 0 @glossybox because I never want that experience again. I would definitely not recommend the product Spa or just brushes in general.

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