Perfect Skin For That Perfect Date




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This blog is not sponsored by Nuxe or Lush. This review is entirely based on my experience

Let’s get started together for your perfect date that is coming up soon. Before we go ahead and apply that Instagram makeup, we first want to make sure our skin looks the best! when our skin is in best shape, our makeup will easily glide on our skin and give that flawless look.

First, lets go ahead and cleanse our skin with a nice gentle comforting cleansing milk. Right now my favorite is the Nuxe comforting cleansing milk with rose petals. The cleansing milk is perfect to melt away any dirt off the skin, the rose petals calms the skin down from any irritation. Before we go ahead and tone our skin. We should go ahead and wake that skin of yours. We are all busy people, sometimes our date is right after a long day of work.  I use the Cup O’ Coffee Face And Body Mask as an exfoliator and sometimes as a mask. I like how the Lush coffee mask does a really nice job scrubbing off any dried skin or any layer of dead skin, smoothes out my skin.Kaolin deeply cleanses impurities from the pores. The intoxicating aroma gives that little buzz to the skin. This is perfect time to apply our Lush Rosy Cheeks mask. This mask not only smells gorgeous but it is just so soothing for the skin. I love anything that has the ingredient rose in it because it calms the skin from any irritation. Wether it be due to allergies, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or rosacea. One thing you will notice right after you wash off the mask, the skin right away looks dewy and any redness is evened out. I always notice right away results from the mask. Calamine and Turkish rose oil delicately calm the skin and restores balance. I am one of those people whose skin throughout the day gets really hot because of any temperature change causes my skin to go off balance in PH level. Therefore, I love products that is very soothing and calming. After washing the rosy cheeks mask, lets go ahead and finish our skincare regimen with a nice gentle toner and moisturizer. I like to use the Nuxe gentle toning lotion with rose petals, do not worry its not really lotion substance more like liquid form. let us not forget to apply moisturizer, I sometimes go between the Nuxe or just apply a nice SPF sunscreen. Now we are ready for that perfect Instagram ready makeup, but no makeup beats that beautiful smile of yours.

Do it like Asyat in Easy Steps

  1. Find that perfect cleansing milk cleanser, my favorite is the Nuxe gentle cleansing milk with rose petals
  2. Exfoliate that natural beautiful skin of yours to reveal that dewy glow we are all born with. Sometimes we just need to perk and awake that skin of ours to reveal it.
  3. Apply a nice layer of mask, my favorite is any mask that either has honey or rose petals as an ingredient. The only mask that I have found that gives me that instant calm and even complexion is the Lush rosy cheeks mask.
  4. Use a nice gentle toner, I use the Nuxe gentle toning lotion with rose petals. I want to make sure my skin is toned and stays right where it is, which is calm.
  5. Moisturize moisturize always, find that perfect moisturizer, right now I use the Nuxe body almond and orange lotion. Do not forget your  decolletage!
  6. Wear that perfect smile of your because nothing beats a smile!




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