Rustic Mornings

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Walk Up This Morning Energized

Last night, I had this tense feeling of panic and overwhelmed with stress of everything. I woke up this morning with a new light on the things in my life. I just woke up happy with a positive attitude that everything will get done and just to have patience.

A package from Glossy box was delivered to my house, which was an unexpected gift considering that I cancelled my subscription because I was disappointed by their box from last months. I opened the box, to my surprise they had really great products.


I was happy to see eye and cheek palette because been wanting to buy one for a while. I even looked into boots last week.  Some of the other products that I found really exciting was eye love by oolution and in transit camera-close by this works. I think it is neat products for people such as me who loves to take break from wearing makeup for the sake of letting my skin breathe. I like that these products help you look camera ready. I love taking pictures while traveling but do not like how my skin can feel congested from the travel.


I noticed that sometimes my imperfections can make a perfect scenery in my eyes look blah. I want to capture the moment beautifully. I accept my imperfections as form of my own unique perfection but sometimes I just want a really good picture without the sun shining on my red chin. I feel most confident when I travel, but when your skin looks washed out by the camera, you feel that you’re not showing people the excitement within the place one visits. I want to look back in the pictures in 30 year’s time, be like I remember this place with amazing memories and also lol to brag to my grandkids, your granny had it all going on. Call it vanity I guess, but to me it is another form of expression of confidence. Therefore, I want to find products that are best for my skin. Products that will protect my skin from the pollution, help with the imperfections, and be camera ready without the heavy makeup or the camera. Products that give me the look without the makeup.

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When I got this latte, oh my was I excited. Whenever I order a coffee, I never seem to get a designed cup of latte. I know that I should find an official coffee shop who does that sort of art work on latte. Hey! If you happen to find one in Oxford, please do tell me because so far I only got lucky once lol!

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I hope I end up liking the eyeshadow. I am one of those girls, who does not like to pay for eyeshadow. I used to get Birchbox subscription when I lived in Arizona. I was tired of being disappointed by their range of products, I ended up cancelling my subscription. I have still been using their eyeshadow they sent me that one month because it is there and do not want to spend money for one. I also do not use eyeshadow much, only rare occasions. Since applying and perfecting the right shape of winged linear for my face. I have been addicted to the look.

I am also not a big fan of buying  lipsticks. It took my for a long time to find the perfect shade of color for my skin tone. I fell in love with Bourjois lipstick, which made me fall in love with their line.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 3.36.32 PM

glossybox edit 1.pngMy journey with Glossybox started when I arrived to the UK, for months I tried to decide wether or not to get a subscription. I finally decided on subscribing, which ended up being disappointed. I got a little surprise from them this morning, I am excited by the products I got and hope to write a review on it soon.  I hope they did not charge me for it haha because I cancelled their subscriptions not sure as to why they sent me one. I hope I am not disappointed by them again.



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