COFFEE PROTECTS AGINST SKIN CANCER| Coffee Face Mask | Mask for glowing skin!

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I want to share some very important research that I have come upon with that suggest the benefits of caffeine in guarding your skin from cancer. Since summer is around the corner, I thought I could share this to get you all safe for the fun in the sun!

Did you know that major advantage of applying ground coffee to your face is diminishing your chances of UV damage?!

Lathering caffeine onto your skin can guard you against skin cancer. By inhibiting ATR activity, caffeine could make cells more likely to die in response to UV damage, preventing damaged cells from ever becoming cancerous.

A team of researchers at the University of Washington lead by Dr. Paul Neman have found that caffeine can selectively kill those damaged cells. The science behind it is that caffeine will block a protein in skin cells, to ensure DNA is copied correctly.

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Beauty Skincare Benefits:
-Stretch Marks because it is great skin softening, caffeine will give you a smoother skin, softer, healthier, and hydrated glowing skin.

-Cellulite Reduction because the caffeine in coffee dehydrates your fatty cells, those lumps we see on the back of our legs and thighs. When coffee scrub or mask is applied to that areas over time will target the skin in deeper level to attack the fatty cells. Causing cellulite to appear diminished!

Caffeine is great form of antioxidant that will help diminish lines and wrinkles by stimulating blood flow!

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