French Pharmacie Skincare Products Reduce Redness (For Prom, photography, College Ball etc)



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“Purifies and soothes your irritated skin rapidly”

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“Anti-bacterial agents encourage healing”


I will go ahead and show you how to get flawless skin for that special event that you all are excited to get to.
First thing I always do is cleanse my skin. I like to go for a really natural herbal skincare with great essential oils. I love to add few drops of lizearle Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser onto my fingers. I will go ahead and massage that thoroughly on my skin, lifting away dead skin cells, smoothing out any tense nots, and bringing blood flow to my skin. I like to place my hot towel over my skin to open up my pores for deep cleanse, letting the ingredients from the cleanser seep to my pores. Giving it a nice deep conditioning cleanse. The ingredients are perfect for those who have redness, eczema, and rosacea skin. This step will help hydrate and calm your skin down, getting rid of any dry patchy skin and redness.
I love to find a great mask that will help me relax, detox, and help calm my skin down. This lets me get ready for my event mentally. It helps to unwind my nerves. I will go back in with a hot towel (make sure it is not to hot), placing it over my skin, and wait couple seconds for it to loosen the mask. I will go in and wash off rest of the mask. Finishing off with my Avene Thermal Spring Water spray. The coolness of the spray will help close up my pores and act as a toner to balance out the PH of my skin, creating a protective layer from the outside pollution seeping into my skin. Lastly, I will apply a really nice restorative cream. My favorite being Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream. It shields the wound from external aggressors, helping maintain the appropriate moisture level for healing and it helps prevent secondary infections. This process will help your skin look amazing and flawless, making your makeup look Instagram ready.

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